How Hotel Technology helps Hoteliers to Gain Competitive Advantage and Boost Guest Bookings

Today’s hospitality industry is highly competitive, so Hotel operators are on look every possible opportunity to attract guests to their hotel, and a key weapon in their arsenal is to make smart use of technology. Hotel technology is ever evolving and technology vendors are constantly working to improve customer satisfaction and boost operational efficiency of a hotel, Hotel operators need to choose and make best use of technology to remain one-up in the competition.

In this article we share few tips and hotel software technologies that you can implement to improve the guest experience at your property.

Concentrate on your digital future

It is important to attract tech savvy guests to your accommodation properties if you want a competitive edge and want to stay in the business in future. Hotels have been heavily relying on online travel agents (OTA’s) and review platforms, which are dominating the online hospitality world. Any hotel in business now understands the value of online presence to attract guest to your hotel.

COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the gears need for digital drastically. All of a sudden many physical offices including travel agencies is shut. For the hospitality industry, it is easy to understand traditional way of booking a hotel is getting out fashioned. Now hotel booking world is taken over by online world. Most of the hospitality properties are already taking advantage of hotel’s digital presence. Here are few tips to improve hotel’s digital presence.

Spend some time on Digital media — Make sure you dedicate some time daily to post and track performance. You should start using your social media pages more effectively and engage with the guests to improve your hotel presence.

Ask your customers for their opinion — Reviewsare the most important thing for getting guests to book your hotel, so promptly ask your each guest to leave a review on online reputation listing sites.

Concentrate on your online distribution channel — It is important for your hotel to be present on as many as OTA channels and analyse and optimize each channel performance. This OTA platforms can be profitable marketing platform for your own hotel website. In fact, almost 60% of the online users check your hotel website after checking on OTA platforms to find more information and to get better deals.

Rework on your own website: It is important for a hotel to have a visually pleasing and efficient website to ultimately convince your online lookers into bookers. Rework on your website platform with the right tools and very efficient pictures.

Have an easy direct booking engine — At lastHotels should ensure they have a clear and easy reservation button to book your hotel property.

Digital concierges

Hotels need to concentrate on digital concierge to limit their contact and also provide assistance to their guests. Hotel technology such as chat bots are on top of this and can provide basic information and can complete simple requests, this can free up your staff time to serve your guests.

Contactless technology

Contactless and web check-in technology is been here from a quite years that is being used by many users. Ever since COVID-19 pandemic started spreading, the need for social distancing, avoid touching all this made contactless technology has become extremely important in the hotel industry. Post pandemic, guests want to limit the contact and hotels check-in process. Modern Guests are bind to their smart devices and hospitality industry is increasingly recognizing this smart phone check-in is becoming a common technology that should be pretty easy to adapt at your property.

Voice control for IoT

Hotels are increasingly turning to voice controls for such as Alexa and Echo in their rooms to enable voice controls and avoid unwanted touching in-room. Guests are using voice commands to control thermostats, drapes, television and lights.

QR Code Digital Menus

Hotels are increasingly implementing QR Code digital menus for using services in the hotel. QR menu code is allowing hotel users to avoid print media for menu and is saving a lots of cost on printing menu errors and changes. QR code menus is a web based app which can be scanned on their own device order and process payments all using guests own device.

Contactless payment

COVID pandemic has created a need for Hotels to provide contactless payments because cash and debit cards are touched by many people and may carry germs and virus. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay are gaining widespread use. To be successful in post COVID business, hotel operators need to adapt new hotel technologies that has been created for new normal. We have shared few thought and hotel technology that can be implemented in your property to be profitable, if you have any more points to add or questions on how mycloud PMS can help you with its technology to regain your hotel business, feel free to connect with us or schedule a free demo.