Is it possible for a hotel to operate without a Traditional reception desk? Yes it is

For many years in hotel industry it was nearly impossible to operate a hotel without a front desk. Whenever we walk into a hotel there were smiling faces waiting eagerly behind their desk to offer your customers a great guest service. But, with many master minds working continuously to improve technologies and make life easy for every individual, Hotel front desks or reception areas are getting outdated and turning out to be tedious, Modern age travellers don’t like to wait in queues and filling up those big registers with their details. So is it even possible to get rid of a front desk in a hotel?

Many businesses have already got rid of their traditional reception and adjusted their business to fit to a modern technological age. For example, if you look at the travel industry, airports have been replaced with self-check-in kiosks, bus tickets are booked using a smartphone apps. Likewise banking sector is digitalized and most of the financial transactions are carried out online using a smartphone apps instead of visiting a bank.

So, why is the hotel businesses is not adopting the latest in technology but still following a traditional front desk? Hospitality business can get rid of their standard front desk, if they adapt the right hotel software technology that can help you to exceed guest expectations and ensure your guests have a great time spent in your property. Getting rid of your hotels traditional front desk can help hotel operators in more than a way.

Freedom to your Guests

A physical reception desk at the entrance of your hotel is not welcoming to all of your guests, especially when the customer tries to check-in after a long journey and feels exhausted or a guest who is on hurry to check-out maybe to catch a flight or due to an emergency.

Fun fact — Did you know, Hotel guests were interested for self-check-in way before the pandemic. A study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) in 2013 revealed that 76% of guests believed if they completed check-in process before arriving at hotel that would minimise potential frustration and 41% of them were more likely to select a hotel that offers the convenience of self-check-in using their own device.

A physical front desk takes time to check-in & check-out time, to help save both your guests as well as your staffs time, Hotel operators need to look for a contactless technology which offers guest ability to self-check-in and check-out without a need to download or sign up for any applications.

Sustainability for a better and greener hospitality

One of the best things to come from worldwide lockdown is that the Mother Nature has got time to reboot itself and flourish. This lockdown proved us it is important to follow eco-friendly practices to save the planet.

Any hotel property majorly impacts the environment in water, waste and energy. Modern day hotel technologies like contactless technology, keyless room entry and guest messaging platforms are not only designed to ease hotel operations but also to create a sustainable hotel environment. Most Important sustainability benefit of eliminating physical front desk and shifting to digital BYOD hotel technologies is it reduces the use the paper and plastic. According to an anonymous report a single hotel guest generates about two pounds of waste per night; with paper, cardboard and plastic accounting half that waste. Hotels can switch to an in-room technologies so they don’t require any need to contact a physical front desk for help and they can book any service directly using there smart phones without the need for paper menus, directories or flyers.

Hotel’s needs to connect smart IoT applications to room that will enable guests to personalize and control every aspect of their stay and also reduce energy consumption in hotel by 70% by controlling the Hotel lights, thermostats, heating devices, air conditioners etc.

Eliminating physical front desk does not mean hotel operators need to stop human interactions. It is because a front desk creates a barrier between your employees and customers. With the increased use of technology some of your guests will be desperate for an interaction with human. Hotel operators need find a creative way to use their staff while tech-savvy guests pre-check-in, Pick up the keys and head straight to their rooms. Other guests can walk in to a lobby and your hotel staff can chat with them and create an emotional bond while they complete check-in process and this will drastically improves your guest satisfaction.

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